Android handsets track users movements and send information to Google…even when location history is turned off

August 18, 2020

Stories about Google knowing more about its users than the users themselves are so ubiquitous, like Google, that they rarely make their way onto the back page of a paper let alone the front page.  What is more concerning and noteworthy is recent run of stories of social media platforms, like Facebook, and data collecting companies, like Google, collecting and using data contrary to the supposed settings.  The Australian reports on the latest example of this egregious behaviour with Google knows your every move even with ‘location history’ off.  In short Google is tracking a phone’s movements even when settings to protect privacy are activated.  The way this was determined was through a test where software was installed to detect (described as tap) data being sent to Google.  This data stream was identified.  The nub of the problem is that the consent to use data went beyond that which was agreed, with that data being sold by brokers to police forces, governments and spy agencies.  The data collected includes Read the rest of this entry »