Privacy breach as Russian site streams private webcams

November 22, 2014

The Australian in Warning on passwords after Russian site streams from private webcams reporrts on a very significant privacy breach with a Russian website accessing various home surveillance devices such as webcams, baby monitors etc.. The breach is attributable to Read the rest of this entry »

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v iiNet Limited (No 1) [2014] FCA 1232: Non parties seeking access to restricted documents on the court file & privacy

November 21, 2014

The Federal Court, per Perram J, recently considered an application by non parties to affidavit material filed with the court in Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v iiNet Limited (No 1).  It is a useful, and well written, exposition on the principles of open justice and, interestingly, the competing issues in non parties seeking access to affidavit material.   His Honour specifically foreshadowed that there will need to be consideration of the Australian Privacy Principles (the APPs) as privacy concerns have been raised by the Respondent.


The Applicant (“Dallas”) is making application for preliminary discovery from the Respondent (“iiNet”) under Rule 7.22 of the Federal Court Rules.  Dallas obtained [4] and identified the IP addresses of persons it claims have been involved in file sharing of the film, The Dallas Buyers Club [3].  The IP address identifies Read the rest of this entry »

Privacy Commissioner at iaapANZ Summit in Sydney on 17 Novemer 2014

November 18, 2014

At this year’s annual conference of the iaapANZ, which I attended, the Privacy Commissioner gave a speech titled Privacy: the state of play.  Given the gatekeeper role the Privacy Commissioner has in taking action under the Privacy Act it is important to review his pronouncements, even in the broad.  On this occasion he announced the release of regulatory action guide.  That will give an indication of how the Privacy Commissioner intends to use his not so new found powers.  While, as he noted, the Privacy Commissioner has been quite active in issuing determinations (which compared against his predecessors work rate) those determinations were Read the rest of this entry »

UK Privacy Commissioner successfully prosecutes pharmacist for unlawfully accessing records of friend, family and other professionals

November 15, 2014

The UK Information Commissioner’s office has prosecuted a pharmacist who worked for the South West Essex Primary Care Trust for accessing data, in the form of medical records, of family members, work colleagues and other health professionals.  In certain industries unauthorised access can be a chronic problem, such as Read the rest of this entry »

UK Information Commissioner taking positive steps in identifying privacy issues with use of drones and doing something about them

November 14, 2014

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has taken some positive steps in highlighting and dealing with the potentially privacy intrusive activities of drones. The technology is becoming a valuable and necessary Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook updates privacy policy to clarify how it uses data

The Guardian in Facebook updates privacy policy to clarify how it uses data from 1.3bn users  reports on the upteenth proposed change to Facebook’s change to its privacy and sharing policy. This change is for the better, simplifying Read the rest of this entry »

Privacy Commissioner issues statement about webcam and viewing

November 13, 2014

The Age in Fly on the wall: Security footage from Australia shows inside lounge rooms, bedrooms and shops  highlights and the Canberra Times in Canberrans’ privacy compromised in security camera hack both report on on line footage from security cameras being streamed on line for anyone to see.

This seems to have prompted the Privacy Commissioner to Read the rest of this entry »

Company director fined for illeging accessing mobile company database

In Company director fined for illegally accessing mobile phone company’s customer database the UK Information Commissioner’s Office highlights the need for staff to be properly trained to deal with attempts by outsiders to access customer database.  The release relates to the prosecution of a a company director who successfully obtained records of 1,066 customers of  Everything Everywhere which he used as a resource for marketing services of his telecommunications companies.  The methodology was quite typical, masquerade as someone who could credibly have access to passwords and logins, such as a person from IT security.  This type of social engineering is Read the rest of this entry »

Harvard Law Review analysis of Riley v California: 4th amendment, right to privacy

November 11, 2014

The latest edition of the Harvard Law Review has been published and with it an analysis of Riley v California.  The court’s judgement is found here.  While UK/NZ/Australian jurisprudence in the privacy sphere takes very little from the US Constitutional consideration of privacy rights, primarily the 4th but also the 14th amendment, it is always Read the rest of this entry »

Firefighters raise safety concern about drones flying in bushfire areas…. and of course there are privacy implications.

November 10, 2014

The ABC reports today in Firefighting helicopters to be grounded if drones spotted in bushfire areas, authorities say about concerns about drones flying in a bushfire area causing a threat to aerial firefighters.  While the concern is specific the general threat of drones to aviation has been well-known for some time the increasing number of drones and their improved technical capacity makes the issue even more pressing.  Not that the review by CASA is moving at lightening speed.  But CASA’s role relates to Read the rest of this entry »