Michael Kirby calls for reform of privacy laws

May 4, 2016

The former High Court justice Michael Kirby has had a very long history with privacy and data protection issues.  He was Read the rest of this entry »

Gumtree suffers data breach

May 1, 2016

Gumtree has had a data breach of indeterminate proportions last week according to the Hackers steal Gumtree users’ personal details, Gumtree ‘fesses up to breach and personal information leak and Australian Gumtree users targeted in hacking attack, with personal details stolen.

The Government website, Staysmartonline has also highlighted the potential of phishing attacks now Read the rest of this entry »

UK Information Commissioner slaps enforcement notice on West Dunbartonshire Council for not having proper data protection training

One of the biggest challenges in privacy and data protection is having staff who use the data being properly trained and applying that training properly.  Having Read the rest of this entry »

UK Information Commissioner fines Kent Police for passing on a woman’s personal information to ex partner in domestic abuse case

April 21, 2016

The Information Commissioner has fined Kent Police £80,000 for providing the data contained in a woman’s mobile phone to her ex partner’s solicitor.  The solicitor disclosed that information to his client, the woman’s ex partner.  That person happened to be a member of the Kent Police.

On the technical side the case highlights Read the rest of this entry »

Prime Minister launches the Australia cyber security strategy

The much reported launch of the Australian cyber security strategy by the Australian Prime Minister has data security at its core.  It was attended on a very exciting story of a cyber attack on the Bureau of Metereology last year which infected that agencies computers.  The reportage focused on Australia’s ability to counter attack aggressors but that is only one element of the strategy, and a minor one at that.  The key is protection of personal information, intellectual property, governmental information, national security related data and data that is key to the operation of a modern economy.

The problem from a practical point of view is that the focus on cyber security is an incomplete response if organisations and entities do not meet minimum cyber security standards.  The Privacy Act 1988 and the regulator should Read the rest of this entry »

Attorney General publishes submissions to draft Mandatory Data Breach Bill and Privacy Commissioner releases Guide to developing Data Breach response plan

Australia is yet to have mandatory data breach notification legislation. The Attorney General’s Department has published the submissions it Read the rest of this entry »

OAIC launches privacy awareness week, 15 – 21 May 2016

April 20, 2016

The OAIC has announced its program for the Privacy Awareness Week, 15 – 21 May 2016.  Privacy Weeks are part of the activities of most data regulators/privacy commissioners.  In New Zealand it is 9 – 14 May 2016.  Funnily enough the theme for both privacy weeks is “Privacy in your hands.”

The release Read the rest of this entry »

Development of drone laws

April 19, 2016

Slate magazine described 2015 as the year of the drone. It was probably being somewhat premature.  The limit to drone use and capability has not been reached.

The use of drones still raises issues and strong opposition with “humans on drones” violence as reported in Read the rest of this entry »

Release of the annual “Data Protection Laws of the World”

DLA Piper has released its annual Data Protection Laws of the World for 2016.  It is quite a good resource though necessarily general.

It is interesting to see that Australia is Read the rest of this entry »

UK Information Commissioner’s Office cracking down on private investigators

The phone hacking scandal in the UK, with the News of the World being the biggest offender, has had a seismic effect on regulation, not to mention giving the law of privacy a kick a long. The scandal Read the rest of this entry »