The Federal Government announces the appointment of a new Information Commissioner, starting on 16 August 2024

May 13, 2024 |

The Attorney General has announced the appointment of Elizabeth Tydd as Information Commissioner. It is an internal appointment, uplifting Tydd from Freedom of Information Commissioner to the top job. It is too early to say whether that is an inspired choice or not.  It is probably a safe choice.  But there is a very good argument to be made for the regulator to have an outsider to take the helm and adopt a more assertive stance, such as Sims did at the ACCC.  Australian Information Commissioners have been worthy, decent and quite conservative.  Compared to regulators in the UK, Europe and the US the Information Commissioner’s work rate is low.

The Government’s announcement provides:

The appointment of Elizabeth Tydd as Australian Information Commissioner and head of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), commencing 16 August 2024 following the conclusion of Angelene Falk’s term.

Ms Tydd is currently the Freedom of Information (FOI) Commissioner, having commenced in the role on 19 February. Privacy Commissioner Carly Kind commenced in her role on 26 February.

Commissioner Tydd said: “This appointment is an honour that I accept with immense gratitude and a resolute commitment to leadership in promoting and protecting information access and privacy rights. Securing these fundamental human rights in our digital era is paramount.

“Since starting at the OAIC, I have been greatly impressed by the expertise and diligence of the OAIC’s people and their commitment to impactfully regulating privacy and information rights.”

Australian Information Commissioner Angelene Falk said: “Commissioner Tydd’s extensive regulatory background brings a wealth of leadership and subject matter expertise.

“Commissioner Tydd has exceptional commitment to the protection and promotion of information rights and will play a significant role in advancing information access and privacy for all Australians.

“The move to a three-Commissioner model this year was a major step in building the future leadership of the OAIC, and I look forward to working with Commissioner Tydd and Commissioner Kind as I move to the conclusion of my term.”

The Australian Government will shortly commence arrangements to fill the position of FOI Commissioner through a transparent and merit-based selection process.

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