An estimated 5,951, 612,884 records breached in cyber incidents in 2023 with the biggest involving DarkBeam

December 15, 2023 |

Itgovernance has provided its annual report of annual data breaches this year.  Some of the grim statistics this year are:

Number of incidents in 2023: 1,404

Number of breached records in 2023: 5,951,612,884

Biggest data breach of 2023 so far: DarkBeam (3.8 billion breached records)

Biggest data breach in the UK: DarkBeam (3.8 billion breached records)

Integrity 360 has listed the Top Reported Cyber Security Incidents of 2023 covering much the same ground but delving into particular data breaches such as DarkBeam and UK Electoral Commission which involved personal information of 40 million people.

Webber Insurance Services provides a list of reported data breaches in Australia.  The data breaches identified in 2023 highlight the increasing number of attacks and growing magnitude.  In November alone there was a data breach at 



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