World Economic Form releases guidelines for procurement of AI solutions by the private sector

June 23, 2023 |

The World Economic Forum has released Adopting AI Responsibly: Guidelines for Procurement of AI Solutions by the Private Sector. It has also launched the AI Governance Alliance for Responsible Generative AI. The Guidelines are part of a growing set of guidelines and rules. The US President released a BluePrint for an AI Bill of Rights in October last year. That is a long way from government regulation.

At this stage the talk is greater than the action. The US President met with tech leaders a few days ago and raised concerns about the risks posed by AI to Security and the Economy amongst other areas. Even though Europe has taken strong initial steps and is ahead of the United States no jurisdiction has complete fit for purpose legal structure in place. Unlike the evolutoin of the internet where regulation was deliberately light touch to permit it to develop and meet its potential, which was unknown at the time, the concerns about AI are clear and present and immediate. They are sufficiently concerning to have technology companies like Microsoft, usually averse to regulation, to call for proper regulation.

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