Medibank Private suffers a cyber security breach

October 13, 2022 |

As if to underscore the need for better cyber security and privacy reform Medibank has reportedly suffered a cyber attack yesterday according to itnews Medibank takes systems offline after ‘cyber incident’ .  In response Medibank shut down two customer facing systems.  According to the ABC the insurer says that no evidence that sensitive data had been accessed.

Interestingly the ABC reports on a surge of interest in cyber security professionals with Since the Optus data breach, Australia is desperate for cybersecurity professionals. You could become one without a university degree which is quite general.  The awareness of the need for cyber experts, actually privacy experts, has been growing for some time.  The pick up has been uneven until the Optus data breach.

The itnews story provides:

Investigates extent of unauthorised access.

Medibank has taken two customer-facing systems offline “to reduce the likelihood of damage to systems or data loss” stemming from a cyber security incident.

The insurer said that policy management systems covering its ahm brand as well as international students are now offline, and would remain that way “for most of the day”.

It did not detail what had exactly occurred, aside from the detection of “unusual activity on its network.”

“We are working around the clock to understand the full nature of the incident, and any additional impact this incident may have on our customers, our people and our broader ecosystem,” Medibank CEO David Koczkar said in a statement.

“We will continue to take decisive action to protect Medibank Group customers and our people.”

Koczkar apologised for the incident, acknowledging “that in the current environment this news may make people concerned.”

“We recognise the significant responsibility we have to the people who rely on us to look after their health and wellbeing and whose data we hold,” he said.

“Our highest priority is resolving this matter as transparently and quickly as possible.”

Medibank said it had called in “specialised cyber security firms” to assist in the incident response.

It said there was “no evidence that any sensitive data, including customer data, has been accessed… at this stage.”

Customers needing access to policy information were advised to call the insurer directly on 1300 573 942 for ahm customers and 13 23 31 for Medibank customers.

As is the way the story has received comprehensive coverage with Australia’s Medibank reports cyber incident, shares on trading halt, Medibank Group detects cyberattack, takes several services offline as a precaution and Medibank doesn’t know if your data is private after ‘incident’.

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