35.6 million records breached in September 2022

October 9, 2022 |

itgovernance has listed 88 publicly disclosed security incidents involving 35,566,046 in September.  That is a slight improvement on the September numbers, involving 97 million records, but remains grim reading. 

Some notable incidents include:

  • Wolfe Eye Clinic in the United States suffered a data breach through a third party which has affected 542,776.
  • The US NFL franchise the 49ers suffered a data breach involving more than 20,000 social security numbers.
  • the Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley suffered a data breach affecting the social security numbers and personal health information of 75,628.
  • the personal information of 16 million compromised in a data breach of the Indian Swatchhta Platform.
  • 8 hotels of the Shangri La Group has been hacked with personal information affecting 290,000 hotel guests.  Three of the Shangri La hotels are located in Hong Kong.  The group waited 2 months to tell the Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner of the breaches to the Hong Kong hotels, something that raised the Commissioner’s ire. As a result the Privacy Commissioner commenced a compliance check.
  • Morgan Stanley paid a $35 million fine to the SEC for failing to dispose hard drives and servers containing the personal information of 15 million customers. 

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