Telstra has another security breach..

February 2, 2017 |

Telstra had a good start to the year with a thumping victory over the Privacy Commissioner in the Federal Court in Privacy Commissioner v Telstra Corporation in January.  It was a big win for Telstra and a big loss for the Privacy Commissioner.  It is a disaster for the Privacy Act.  In the digital space it has gutted the Act. Given Telstra is something of a frequent flier before t

Telstra’s good fortune ended this month with Telstra sending SMS to the wrong people . It is reported in Telstra: Some SMS messages ‘incorrectly delivered’ after exchange fire and Telstra glitch sends personal SMS messages to random recipients after fire at exchange.  Telstra claims that the cause of the breach was a result of a fire at its Chatwood exchange. Perhaps. Telstra is obstinate and defensive when it comes to security breaches.  A huge amount of personal information and very sensitive information can be transmitted by text.  Sometimes way too much.  All the more reason to ensure that a problem in one exchange does not give rise to a significant security breach.

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