European Commission seeks consultation on the safety of apps

June 14, 2016 |

Apps are an integral part of delivery of services, the collection of and distribution of information.  Having a functional app is a critical part of on line business or just an on line presence.  Governments, non profits and even religious bodies are enthusiastic participants.  Apps are also notorious for their security weakness and general non compliance with data protection laws.  Regulators around the world are concerned about their poor protections.

The European Commission has commenced a consultation process on the safety of apps.  Apps include mobile health apps, digital models for 3D printing and apps that allow users to control other devices remotely, such as electronic appliances.

The Scope and context of the process is:

The purpose of the consultation is to gather input from various stakeholder groups, in particular consumers, businesses and authorities, on their experience related to the safety of apps and other non-embedded software. The questions aim at obtaining a better understanding of the possible risks and problems that non-embedded software may pose and how these problems could be dealt with.

If apps are giving access to a service, this consultation addresses only the safety aspects in the functioning of the app, and not the underlying service itself (e.g. transport or accommodation). For the purpose of this consultation, only apps and non-embedded software that are downloadable on a device such as a personal computer, tablet or smartphone or accessible on a remote location (cloud) would be covered.

For the purpose of this consultation “safety” and “safe use” should be understood as freedom from unacceptable danger, risk or harm, including security-vulnerabilities (“cyber-security”) and cover physical, economic as well as non-material damage.

This consultation will only look into the safety of apps and other non-embedded software which is not already addressed and foreseen by sector-specific legislation such as the Medical Devices Directives or the Radio Equipment Directive which include provisions on safety ensuring that equipment within their scope, if compliant, is safe.


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