Installation of spyware into wife’s car gets suspicious husband arrested

October 21, 2013 |

In Doctor suspicious of infidelity installs spyware in wife’s car; lands up in jail the Daily Bhaskar reports on a very suspicious husband who ended up being arrested for planting spyware into his estranged wife’s car. An outrageous interference with her privacy.

It provides:

Chandigarh: A senior doctor was arrested on Saturday for allegedly installing spyware in the vehicle of his estranged wife. The police have also decided to book a friend of the doctor who allegedly helped him install the gadget. The woman, also a doctor, has been living separately for the last 4 months following a marital discord with her husband. 
As per reports, wife of Dr Gyaneshwar Maini was suspicious of some gadget installed in her car as her estranged husband got to know about her location and even conversation with other people. The woman, who is also a doctor, lodged a complaint with the police. The police called an expert who searched the car and found out a black box hidden inside the steering of the car. 
The box was packed with high-quality Global Positioning System (GPS) along with a mike. It was hidden behind the steering wheel of her car for the last eight months. 
The black box was linked with a 10-digit cell number used by Dr Maini’s friend. Police said the installer of the device in the car has identified Dr Maini.

The SHO of PS-39, Inspector Narinder Patial, told TOI “The system was such that a mobile was connected with the black box, and once the car was switched on, a message was flashed on the mobile. Whenever the car driver used her mobile, the entire conversation could be heard by the husband who had got the SIM attached with the black box.”


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