Employers and schools in the USA demanding account passwords

June 4, 2013 |

Daniel Solove is one of leading privacy academics, at Georgetown University,  in the United States.  He is also a prolific author; including Nothing to HideUnderstanding Privacy and The future of reputation.

In Employers and Schools that Demand Account Passwords and the Future of Cloud Privacy he raises the not unknown phenomana of prospective and actual employers demanding social media passwords so they may access employess/applicants’ social media pages.

The response has been that 10 states have banned such a practice and 35 states have legislation pending.  Such actions also have been found to violate the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.

It is a post well worth reading on that subject as well as his comments on privacy in the cloud.

I am not aware of any legislative prohibitions against such behaviour in Australia.  The legislature should prohibit such behaviour.

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