Victorian Privacy Commissioner updates public sector privacy guidelines

November 16, 2011 |

Today the Victorian Privacy Commissioner has released the latest update of the Guidelines to the Information Privacy Principles in the Information Privacy Act 2000.  The guidelines are found here.

The media release provides:

The Victorian Privacy Commissioner, Helen Versey, today released the third edition of the Guidelines to the Information Privacy Principles in the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000.

Writing in the introduction, Ms Versey says “Five years has passed since the second edition of the Guidelines was published. Technology has continued to develop at an ever-increasing pace allowing for more and more gathering, matching and disseminating of information about individuals.”

“Black Saturday happened in Victoria on 7 February 2009, requiring extensive data sharing in order to respond effectively to that emergency. These, and other events, have all added to the experience of Privacy Victoria, and the Victorian public sector, in interpreting and applying the Information Privacy Principles. This experience has been drawn upon for this latest edition, as well as the experience of other jurisdictions where similar principles are applied,” Ms Versey explains.

“I hope this updated version informs and helps not only the Victorian public sector but others, both nationally and internationally involved in interpreting and applying these and similar principles and contributes in a small way to some consistency of approach. However, it must be remembered that these are only guidelines. They are not legally binding,” says Ms Versey.




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