CCTV issues finally being raised in Melbourne

August 31, 2009 |

The Victorian Law Reform Commission is currently considering submissions into its discussion paper on surveillance in public places.  The Federal Government has the ALRC report on Privacy.  How far both will go in forcing change is in the lap of the Gods.  I am not hugely optimistic.  New rights are not something governments tend to prefer, particularly in the face of media opposition.  And both reports prefer a statutory right of privacy.  The need is there.  If the Governments fluff around the common law will have to develop further than the principles in Giller v Procopets.  It is an issue that is High Court bound sooner or later (unless Governments do the sensible but unexpected). 

But the need is there.  Today’s Age piece The eye in the sky is a pretty good anlaysis of the issues.  It does make the point that while Melbourne/Australia has been less enthusiastic about CCTV than the insanity that exists in London the mood may be changing.  When our Lord Mayor does everything but actually instal new CCTVs you know the mood is on for a law and order push with CCTV being the latest panacea.  Bettert to go the route of statutory protections and regulations than have to have the common law step in. 

On other matters Privacy finally Facebook is being brought into line on its privacy and data collection policies courtesy of the Canadian Privacy Commissioner, see Facebook to tighten user privacy protection after Canada talks.  About time. 

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