Google streep map shows up the lack of privacy laws

August 5, 2008 |

The Fairfax paperrs today has a front page article about Google’s Street View map for Australia, Smile Australia you’re on Google’s candid camera.  Not a bad article not so much for covering the launch and highlighting the critisism.  What it highlights is who lame our legal protections are.  The Privacy Commissioner is quoted at saying should would continue to monitor street view.  And do what?  It is hard to see how the Privacy Act applies.  If the photographs are of a building and the photograph was taken from the street what exactly is the record that would give the Privacy Commissioner the power under the Privacy Act??

Dan Svantesson supposedly applauded the Google for developing blurring technology and then said it might not be enough.  Talk about a lame approach to a real invasion of privacy. 

This grotesque breach of privacy is why there needs to be a tort of privacy.  

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