AFL, homophobia and privacy

June 29, 2006 |

Always trust the AFL to grab a significant principle or concept, work it through the boofheadometer and come out with a complete misunderstanding of the issues.  The AFL Players Association gets its knickers in a knot over images of footballes on a gay footy site.  The issue is privacy they say.  What tosh!

Where did the photos come from?  I bet they were either in the public domain or commercially availble.  So the issue is copyright infringement.  The Sydney Morning Herald covers the story and quotes the absolute crap that the Association spits out that it would have done the same thing if it had been a hetero site.  Nonsense.

What really stands out is the total misunderstanding, wilful or otherwise, of what constitutes the “privacy”.  It seems to be the catchall phrase when nothing else easily fits. 



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