Barrister’s out of the nest – MacIntosh and his big mouth

April 10, 2006 |

Andrew “Porky” MacIntosh, member for Kew and previous emminent counsel of the Victorian Bar has been a fairly lacklustre shadow attorney general.  That is a pity because if anyone of the Victorian Government ministers needed a real tagger it was Hulls, our current loudmouth turpintine Attorney General. 

So what’s the drama that inspires me to write a thing or two about our otherwise lackadaisical member of the legislative assembly.  It’s down to Moe and Andy’s big mouth.  It all started on 5 April during an otherwise non descript debate in the Assembly. 

Mr McIntosh interjected. …..

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr Delahunty) — Order! The member for Narracan and the member for Kew will direct their comments through the Chair.

Mr MAXFIELD — I do not know if Hansard got that interjection, but I take absolute offence at that comment. The people in Moe are some of the most decent, hardworking people you will ever see in your entire life. That attitude to Moe is typical of the Liberal Party, which slashed workers entitlements and conditions, privatised public utilities and treated the people of the Latrobe Valley with absolute contempt.

Mr McIntosh — You, you!

Mr MAXFIELD — The comments made in this chamber today highlight how out of touch they are with decent people in this state.

Mr McIntosh — You, you!

Mr MAXFIELD — It is a sad day when the Liberal Party takes action against the workers in the way it has. We have also seen workers being sacked. A worker in my electorate was sacked last week because, he was told, his arms were too short. That is typical of what the Liberal Party in this country has come to. The Liberals are allowing open slather in their endeavours to look after the wealthy and big business, without having any regard for the needs of working people in our community. What is wrong with a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work? I have always believed in that.

The allegation made was that MacIntosh had yelled across the chambers that Moe stands for “moccas on everyone.”  Not the first time that has been said and in part deserved.  Moe has a reputation for boagin wear that gives Broadmeadows and Melton a run for their money.  But for a politician to be so damn dumb is amazing.  Of course Maxfield grabbed the ball and ran with it and kicked a goal/scored a try and just plain kicked political butt.  By the next day MacIntosh was in damage control, not that the Liberal Party would come even close to winning a seat incorporating Moe, and put in a persona explanation:

  •  Mr McINTOSH (Kew) — Yesterday during the grievance debate I interjected while the member for Narracan was making a contribution. In order to correct the record, I called the member for Narracan ‘The moccasin from Moe’. I repeated this interjection on one or two further occasions during the member’s contribution. My interjection was not, nor was it intended to be, a reflection on the city of Moe, the people of Moe or indeed the electorate of Narracan. My interjection was solely a reflection on the honourable member.

Yeah right, that did the trick.  In the great tradition of flogging a dead horse Maxfield, the member for Narracan called for MacIntosh to be disciplined.  Now things just got plain stupid. 

It would be nice if MacIntosh actually came to grips with an Attorney General that is all about style and doesn’t have much in the way of substance going for him.  Then again if he has not real opposition he can do pretty much as he pleases.

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