Back into the devils den….ZAGREB!!!!!

January 29, 2006 |

Yet again the god of travel acts as he promised.  The flight left right on time, which I guess isnt that big a deal for Praguers.  Being sandwiched between Germany and Austria has given it some germanic qualities.  Pulled in at 8.20pm and here I am a little before 10pm tapping away in an internet cafe across from Bonbons.

Despite my demands Zagreb hasnt mended its evil ways.  It is still a flea bitten, plague blighted heap of unreconstructed neo realist rubble of uncertain provenance.  To combat the evilness that lies within I came well prepared; sacred Armani aftershave courtesy of those humanitarians at Duty Free and in the absence of incense I have settled on a packet of Vuegeros Cuban cigars, again with the comfort and support of the Duty Free.  I have been chanting Druidish incantations (or maybe it is just my drunken ramblings to the voices).  Anyway so far so good.  But Bonbon is full to the gills and I know of no other place for asylum.  There is an upside.  In my directionless wanderings I have beheld, and approved of, the Croatian womens penchant for wearing skin tight jeans and knee length boots.  They are seriously cute into the bargain.  Like Poles with a bit of an edge.  Sweeeeet.

Anyhow the hunt continues for a sanctuary. 

Flying out tomorrow on a little after midday.  Hope the cigars last till then.  Will keep puffing till then.

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