Last day in ye olde Prague

January 28, 2006 |

Last night was a bit quiet which was probably for the best.  The hostel bar was closed for the night so the supply of really cheap beer dried up.  Of course that didn’t stop me imbibing over a very nice dinner of pork knuckle, white cabbage and potato pancake.  Back to a decent restaurant. 

Most of the day was a general wander through the shops and back streets.  Nothing too heavy and covering old ground mostly.  Thats cool.  Always something new to see.  I thought I’d give the movies one last chance and up came a winner, of sorts.  Fun with Dick and Jane was pretty good.  Brilliant compared to the dross I have been seeing of late.  A comedy with Jim Carey and Tea Leoni.   Apparently based on a George Segal (one of my all time favourite light comedy actors) film from the seventies.  It was light, frothy, hilarious in parts and generally pretty good.  As always Alec Baldwin puts in a top performance even if it was a two dimensional role.  He wears his middle age well.  In a way he is better now than 10 years ago.  Tea Leoni used to be one of the best, not to mention seriously gorgeous, female comedy actors. Her performance here was a bit ordinary and she isn’t as cute (harsh but that’s the way of the world in this day and age).  Then again trying to strut your stuff next to Carey is hard yards.  He chews through the scenery at supersonic speed. 

On another wander through the Australian press I see that our Nic Kidman is to be a UN Ambassador for Peace.  Another argument to send the UN to the bottom of the East River.  She has been remarkably consistent in starring in absolute turkeys, (Bewitched, The Interpreter, Stepford Wives to name but a few) and when she comes up from under the blanket of PR cover she comes across as, what is the technical term, dumb.  Vacuous at least.  Sure she has presence but that is about it.  Then again the same can be said for the UN these days. 

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