UK denial of service prosecution fails

November 4, 2005 |

One of the developing areas of prosecutions worldwide are offences of using the internet to disable businesses.  The best known offences relate to the production and dissemination of  viruses. 

A more subtle and concerning form of offence in England is the denial of use of a computer by a party sending another a stream of emials to disable a target computer or system.  That is the nub of the Computer Misuse Act.  Earlier this week a London Court cleared a British teenager of charges under the Computer Misuse Act.  The prosecution alleged that the teenager sent 5 million emails to a former employer.  The three possible offences are:

  • unauthorised access to computer material
  • unauthorised modification
  • unauthorised access with the intent to commit or facilitation the commission of further offences

These offences have been labelled Dos (Denial of Service) attacks. has a fascinating story on the most recent Dos prosecution.  

The next Dos trial is scheduled for 25 November.  Interesting days ahead.


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