Records of over six thousand patient records lost at US hospital

August 26, 2014

Managing hard copies of records should not be a problem if there is proper training and protocols. And when there isn’t problems arise.  As the The Times of San Diego in Medical Records of 6,000-Plus Patients Taken From Oceanside Hospital.  As the story shows the breach Read the rest of this entry »

Privacy Commissioner releases guide on data breaches

The Privacy Commissioner has released a Data Breach Notification Guide.  A reasonable document and quite consistent with international writings on the subject.  The Privacy Commissioner makes the obvious point that Read the rest of this entry »

UK Financial Conduct Authority raises concerns about data loss

August 25, 2014

In Customer data loss soars at financial firms Money Marketing reports on a rise in the number of customer data loss incidents in the financial sector.  While it is not surprising on one level, as the number of data breaches are on the rise worldwide it is Read the rest of this entry »

Developments in tracking technology through use of mobile phones

Tracking through mobile phones is not new.  In For sale: Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe the Washington Post reports on the sale of system to track individuals through their mobile phones not only Read the rest of this entry »

Recent medical data breaches

August 24, 2014

Medical records containing personal information are, by definition, sensitive information under the Privacy Act 1988.  Similar protections apply in the UK under statute.  And yet medical data breaches in the health industry remain depressingly regular.

A few recent examples from the UK.

The Nottingham Post reports Read the rest of this entry »

Banker in the UK fined for illegally accessing colleagues bank account details

The Information Commissioner’s Office reports in Birmingham banker fined for reading colleagues’ bank accounts on criminal charges, and fine, of a banker in Birmingham abusing his position and in the process breaching the law in reviewing bank accounts of colleagues at Santander.  A very egregious data breach.

It provides:

A Birmingham banker has been fined after he admitted reading his colleagues bank accounts. Read the rest of this entry »

Massive data leak in South Korea

Data breaches are always a worry.  Large data breaches are especially concerning.  In South Korea 220 million items of personal information involving 27 million individuals have been accessed without authorisation.  This is reported in Massive data leak in S Korea affects 70% of 15-65 demographic  (also reported here).  The worrying aspect of this breach, as if these bald figures weren’t Read the rest of this entry »

Gmail and hacking problem and…. of course privacy

Gmail and android apps are turning into the gift that keeps on giving for hackers.  Or so it appears from Read the rest of this entry »

Smart TV, tracking and privacy

That the internet of things doesn’t bring privacy challenges (to put it mildly) is hardly news.  And Which?  in Smart TV spying – are you watching TV, or is it watching you? provides an apt example of the problems of tracking Read the rest of this entry »

US Senators raise third party handling of digital data issues

August 23, 2014

Two US Senators, Ron Wyden of Oregon, and Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia have raised concerns about data privacy practices in different contexts.

Senator Rockefeller is reported in Senator questions airlines’ data privacy practices has sent letters to US airlines about their practices of collecting personal information and Read the rest of this entry »